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Gold gold gold!  oh how i love you!

  As many will agree, there is  a special something  something about gold.  

You will see many touches of gold throughout my work,

14k and 10k usually. 

 Self taught in this arena and spurred on by opportunity and design play.

Mixing silver and gold together quickly became fascinating alchemy and continues to enchant me.  

Jambalaya, Gold Motion, Gold Shot &  the Mystic are  some examples of the classic  

gold & silver combos from Moonshine.   Goddess, Random Chaos, Cascades  and the Guardian series are some newer inspirations. 

This love and attraction to gold has evolved into a learning curve with  14k gold fill. A beautiful and affordable  alternative for gold lovers.  

The thick layer of 14k gold over brass or copper gives the look and feel of gold with the reduced price point!  

Any and all the designs created at Moonshine Silver are available in Sterling Silver, 1ok, 14k, 18k,22k Gold,  14k Gold Fill, White & Rose Gold.  For quotes on costs for gold contact Laura at

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