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3 Ring Circle
  new Ripple Effect Pendant $60
Organic Chain
  new  Tres Chic Chain(10k) $250/18"
  new Loop Chain $130/18"
 Entwined (10k)
  new Organic Chain II  $100/18"
 Full Moon
  new  Even Flow  $230/18"
 Hammered Tag
  new Toggle Pendant $70different gems available
 Heart Pendant $30
 Heavy Chain
  Heavy Chain Pendant $60
 Teardrop Shield
  Teardrop Shield $150 different gems available
 Satin Moon
  Satin Moon $60
  Simplicity $90 different gems available
  Mod $150/18"
  Organic Pendant $60
 Spring Drop
  Spring Drop Pendant $60 different gems available
 Sun and Moon
  Daisy Pendant  $35 different gems available
  Entwined(10k) $80
 Hammered Tag Pendant $75
 3 Ring Circle Pendant $60
 Satin Moon Pendant $60
 Organic Pendant $60

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